US UN ambassador says she is pleased that Russia will again participate in Black Sea grain deal

The US is “delighted” after Russia has agreed to participate again in the Black Sea grain deal, marking a reversal after the country said Saturday it would suspend its participation, according to US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield.



“I was delighted to hear this news and I want to first commend the UN the secretary general, in particular, for continuing to negotiate this important deal because it’s providing needed food to the world. So clearly, Russia was finally convinced that they needed to continue this. They can’t stand in the way of feeding the entire world,” Thomas-Greenfield said during an interview on “CNN This Morning.”



She said the deal was “beneficial to Russia” as well, as it enables the country to move grain.


A warning on Russia and Iran: Thomas-Greenfield also warned that Russia and Iran are violating a UN resolution as the countries engage in talks about potentially sending ballistic missiles to Russia. She said the UN will “ramp up the pressure” on other nations to condemn those actions, and said it would be brought before the UN Security Council. And more broadly, she said that any planning for Russia to use a nuclear weapon is “absolutely irresponsible.”


She reiterated that President Joe Biden has “no plans” to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20, but she said that the release of American citizens like Brittney Griner remains a “priority” and she is “prepared” to hold such a meeting if Griner’s release is on the table.

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