Vegetables prices hike despite government instructions

Hussein al-Sibaei, head of the Obour Market, said the the prices of vegetables increased significantly in retail markets on Monday, ignoring the instructions of the government which said that the price of tomatoes should be LE5 per kilo, and potatoes at LE6.5 per kilo.
Sibaei also told Al-Masry Al-Youm that incoming and outgoing volumes to and from the market increased by 50 percent, during the past two days on the part of retailers.
However, the prices of fruits and vegetables in the market have generally been stable this week, as Sibaei explained, because the oversupply contributed to price stability during the recent period.
Zucchini reached LE5, onions LE4, okra ranged between 11 and LE12, beans ranged between 5 and LE6, and pepper ranged between LE2 and LE3.
The prices of vegetables on Obour Stock Exchange market were stable for the fourth consecutive day as tomatoes ranged between LE1 and LE2 per kilo, according to the wholesale prices on the market .
Potatoes ranged between LE3.5 and LE4 per kilo, onions ranged between LE1.80 to LE2.50 per kilo, while zucchini recorded between LE0.75 to LE1.25.
Okra rates ranged between LE2 and LE4 per kilo, the taro ranged between LE4 to LE5 per kilo.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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