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Video: Luxor tourism expected to rise 38% after inauguration of the Avenue of Sphinxes

The Cultural Tourism Promotion Committee in Luxor anticipates an increase in tourism following the opening of the Avenue of Sphinxes by up to 38 percent, in addition to an expected 18 percent increase in the volume of daily spending for tourists after Luxor became the largest open museum in the world.

The committee confirmed that the final preparations for the major “Luxor.. Avenue of Sphinxes” event, scheduled to be held on November 25, will promote tourism in Luxor Governorate and show all it has to offer.

The Cultural Tourism Promotion Committee in Luxor said that after the announcement of the date of the celebration, the rates of incoming tourist flows to Luxor – the world’s tourism capital – increased.

The Head of the committee, Mohamed Othman, said that multiple tourism companies demanded to amend the program of visits to archaeological sites to spend a full day in the Avenue of Sphinxes after its opening.

He added that many tourism companies are looking forward to the celebration of the opening of the Avenue of Sphinxes, which will change the map of cultural tourism and make Luxor one of the most important tourist destinations due to its attractions including the avenue: the longest path for celebrations the world has known throughout history.

Othman added that his committee is proposing new programs to market cultural tourism, given that the Avenue of Sphinxes is one of the most important global events.

He said that the opening of the Avenue of Sphinxes was a reason for modifying the dates of arrival of Japanese tourists to Luxor and adjusting the dates of trips to visit Luxor from October 2022 to January 2022, in addition to the expected increase of American tourists after the success of the Houston exhibition.

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