Free bus tours for dogs organized in London

19 Jan 2017
Free bus tours for dogs and their owners to canine-friendly destinations in London were organized in the British capital this week, the Daily Mail website reported.   The trip was the first of its kind in London and extended over...

'Books Bike' roams Cairo streets

The answer is yes. If you are walking down Tagamou Khames neighborhood you will find a bicycle-shaped cart stationed at several place there with lots of books and a young lady standing behind it waiting for manic readers.            
17 Jan 2017
In Cairo we used to see fava bean (ful), Taamiya and Kebda food carts roaming the grey streets every day, with dozens of people lined up awaiting their turn. Recently, a wave of new, modern and well-decorated mobile carts presenting...

Guess what Egypt, other countries are famous for?

obesity/ over-weight/ Weight scale
13 Jan 2017
From Botswana diamonds to Netherlands coffee, a new intriguing data map of the world was released showing what each country is famous for according to researches and statistics. The data map was released by data journalist and...

Facebook page encourages Egyptian girls to travel alone

A Facebook page encourage Egyptian girls to travel alone 
11 Jan 2017
Twenty-nine-year old travel-passionate Menna Shahin tried to break the ice of societal traditions by launching a Facebook page entitled "She travels" to encourage girls to travel alone, with no fear of society's criticism....

Muslim refugee falls in love with Christian police officer

A photo from Noora Arkavazi and Bobi Dodevski's wedding in July.


06 Jan 2017
Theirs is an unlikely love story: She is a Muslim refugee from Iraq, he's a Christian Macedonian border police officer. But they say it was love at first sight.   One day last March, 20-year-old Noora Arkavazi and her family --...

UK royal Kate given photographic society's seal of approval

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, smiles as she attends a charity event at city company ICAP, in central London, Britain December 9, 2015.
04 Jan 2017
Britain's Duchess of Cambridge, whose pictures of her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte have graced the front pages of newspapers and magazines worldwide, was commended on Tuesday by the Royal Photographic Society for her...

Syrian child refugees taught to release stress and resist recruitment

Syrian refugee children queue as they head towards their classroom at a school in Mount Lebanon, October 7, 2016. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir
04 Jan 2017
The screams of a dozen Syrian and Palestinian children pierce the air of a community center in Lebanon's Shatila refugee camp. Yet the children are not hurt. They are yelling to express the anger and fear they feel as victims of...

Santa Claus visits Children Cancer Hospital '57357'

Santa Claus visits Children Cancer Hospital 
01 Jan 2017
Last week a lady dressed in a Santa Claus costume along with a photographer roamed Zamalek streets handing passengers candies and taking photos of them to share happiness. This intiative grabbed the attention of many, which entused the...

Violence spreads like a contagious infection among friends

31 Dec 2016
Adolescents who engaged in violent activities were more likely to have friends – and friends of friends – who had been violent, a new study shows.   “Violent acts tend to cluster through social networks, and they...

A young lady dressed as Santa Claus in Cairo streets

A young lady dressed in Santa Clause in Cairo streets 
25 Dec 2016
With the sounds of Jingle bells, a young lady dressed in a decent Santa Claus costume with a red backpack took to one of Cairo's streets last week to share happiness and draw big smiles on people's faces. After the wave of grief...