Study links media violence to aggressive behavior, regardless of culture

Effects of TV on children
22 Apr 2017
An American study of young people in seven countries suggests that the violence they are exposed to via media content like TV shows and videogames can be a risk factor for aggressive behaviour, irrespective of the culture they grow up in....

Slovenian women launches school for underprivileged village children

In a remote village by the Nile River called Bahrawa, a Slovenien lady launched a small educational center called " Nile River School" for the underprivileged kids there, creating a new inspiring educational space for kindergarten children and older ones to acquire knowlegde along with the average education they receive from governmental schools.
19 Apr 2017
In a remote village by the Nile River called Bahrawa, a Slovenian women has launched a small alternative educational center called "Nile River School" for underprivileged children by creating a new inspiring educational...

Ramadan lantern prices rise by 60%: Chamber of Commerce

A collection of traditional Ramadan lanterns
19 Apr 2017
The prices of locally-made Ramadan lanterns rose by 60 percent compared to last year, Chairman of the Toys Division in the Cairo Chamber of Commerce Barakat Safa said.   Safa attributed in a statement to state-run news outlet MENA...

Mobile units to protect street children to be deployed within days

Street children
18 Apr 2017
Buses will be provided to Social Solidarity Directorates in 10 governorates over the next few days to continue the ongoing work to protect homeless children, according to sources in the Social Solidarity Ministry. The ministry...

Modern life intrudes on Ethiopia's ancient salt trade

Modern life intrudes on Ethiopia's ancient salt trade: salt mining was once so vital to the economy of Ethiopia's Danakil Depression area, that the seven-kilogramme chunks of salt hacked from the ground were used as currency (AFP / ZACHARIAS ABUBEKERS)
16 Apr 2017
Every morning, hundreds of men converge on a dry lakebed in a remote corner of Ethiopia, where they cleave the ground open with handaxes to extract salt, just as their fathers and grandfathers once did. They toil under the gaze of a...

It is now illegal to eat dogs and cats in Taiwan

Sophia Rogers poses with her dog Bobby, an American Foxhound, during a news conference for the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York, February 11, 2016.
15 Apr 2017
Taiwan has banned the eating of dogs and cats as pressure grows to improve animal welfare after a spate of cruelty cases that stirred public outrage.   Parliament passed legislation on April 12 to outlaw the consumption, purchase or...

Brandstorm: Competition aims to nurture young minds

The Egyptian finalist team who won the Brandstorm competition in business field.
11 Apr 2017
Brandstorm, a national competition, edition of the global business game, was organized by L’Oréal Egypt last week at the Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo.  The competition brought talented students from Egypt's top universities...

Afghan martial arts fight reveals a nation divided

Afghan mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Baz Mohammad Mubariz, a Tajik, trains ahead of a bout with longtime rival Ahmad Wali Hotak, a Pashtun, in a contest that has become a lightning rod for ethnic rivalries that threaten to tear the country apart (Wakil Kohsar / AFP).
08 Apr 2017
A martial arts bout in Afghanistan was billed as a bare-knuckle duel for supremacy, but it has become a lightning rod for long-simmering ethnic rivalries that threaten to tear the country apart.   Ahmad Wali Hotak, a Pashtun, last...

New Yazidi temple is beacon of hope

The seven domes of the new Yazidi temple in Aknalich in Armenia represent the seven angels revered by the Yazidis, who number around 35,000 in Armenia today but currently have just one tiny temple in the Caucasus country. The Yazidis hold unique beliefs that have integrated elements of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Karen Minasyan / AFP).
07 Apr 2017
A gleaming white structure topped with seven domes, set to be the world's biggest Yazidi temple, is currently being built in a tiny village in Armenia.   Long persecuted, most recently by Islamic jihadists in Iraq, the Kurdish-...

Tajikistan steps up battle against Islamic clothing

A growing number of Tajik women have been following a government recommendation to wear the Atlas and other traditional forms of dress
04 Apr 2017
Clothing factories in Tajikistan are churning out brightly coloured national dresses amid a surge in sales, and it's not just because of the arrival of spring.   An increasing number of female officials, teachers and students have...