Coffee shops in Heliopolis wrecked, randomly demolished

14 Feb 2017
The facades of several shops and cafes at the intersection of Nozha and Horeya streets in Heliopolis remain in a state of ruin since the African Cup of Nations final between Egypt and Cameroon, which the latter won on February 5.  One...

Egyptian restaurant involves singles to celebrate Valentine's Day

14 Feb 2017
Valentine's Day is a suitable occasion for couples to express their feelings for each other using different ways, but Mina and Yostina had another opinion, as they decided to celebrate the day with single people.     Mina and...

When clowns celebrate a clown

Clowns and entertainers in the pews at All Saints Church in London, gathered to remember Grimaldi. Photos: Reuters
11 Feb 2017
Dressed in bright colours and wearing shiny red noses, dozens of clowns gathered in London on Feb 5 to celebrate the life of the art form’s founding father.   Bold makeup, bowler hats and oversized bow ties were on show at All...

Population Council aims to eliminate FGM by 2030

08 Feb 2017
Egyptian society has responded to efforts made by national institutions to confront the phenomenon of female genital mutilation, according to the National Population Council’s FGM Abandonment and Family Empowerment Program....

Trump doll offered for 2017 Girls Day

Japanese dolls depicting US President Donald Trump (L) and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, as part of a traditional set of Japanese ornamental hina dolls used in Japan to celebrate Girls' Day. Pictured at the doll-maker's (Kyugetsu Co Ltd) main shop in Tokyo, Japan, January 26, 2017 (Toru Hanai / Reuters). 

06 Feb 2017
A traditional Japanese doll modeled after US President Donald Trump has raised eyebrows among some Tokyo shoppers ahead of "Girls Day", a holiday meant to celebrate the health and happiness of girls. The Trump doll, clad in a...

Egyptian restaurant provides daily free meals to the needy

26 Jan 2017
A restaurant in Dokki called "Kebda w Shawarma" announced that it will provide Shawarma (meat), hot dog and liver sandwiches for free for one hour every day to needy people.     The initiative, announced last month,...

Free bus tours for dogs organized in London

19 Jan 2017
Free bus tours for dogs and their owners to canine-friendly destinations in London were organized in the British capital this week, the Daily Mail website reported.   The trip was the first of its kind in London and extended over...

'Books Bike' roams Cairo streets

The answer is yes. If you are walking down Tagamou Khames neighborhood you will find a bicycle-shaped cart stationed at several place there with lots of books and a young lady standing behind it waiting for manic readers.            
17 Jan 2017
In Cairo we used to see fava bean (ful), Taamiya and Kebda food carts roaming the grey streets every day, with dozens of people lined up awaiting their turn. Recently, a wave of new, modern and well-decorated mobile carts presenting...

Guess what Egypt, other countries are famous for?

obesity/ over-weight/ Weight scale
13 Jan 2017
From Botswana diamonds to Netherlands coffee, a new intriguing data map of the world was released showing what each country is famous for according to researches and statistics. The data map was released by data journalist and...

Facebook page encourages Egyptian girls to travel alone

A Facebook page encourage Egyptian girls to travel alone 
11 Jan 2017
Twenty-nine-year old travel-passionate Menna Shahin tried to break the ice of societal traditions by launching a Facebook page entitled "She travels" to encourage girls to travel alone, with no fear of society's criticism....