Adult film actress accuses Trump of unwanted sexual advances

Jessica Drake (R), who works for an adult film company, speaks beside attorney Gloria Allred (L) about allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump during a press conference in Los Angeles, California 
23 Oct 2016
An adult film actress on Saturday became the latest woman to accuse Donald Trump of unwanted sexual advances, saying the Republican presidential candidate offered her $10,000 to come to his hotel room alone.   Jessica Drake is one of...

Egyptian man launches website offering free stays to refugees, violence victims

02 Oct 2016
Taking inspiration from online accommodation service Airbnb, a young Egyptian man has launched a new website "EmergencyBNB" that connects refugees and victims of domestic violence with Americans who are willing to open their...

Bulgaria bans full-face veils in public places

01 Oct 2016
Bulgaria's parliament on Friday banned the wearing of face veils in public in a move supporters said would boost security after Islamist militant attacks in Europe, but which drew criticism from Amnesty International. The "burqa...

Bullying at school: 'Children can redirect insults to their advantage'

Emmanuelle Piquet is a psychotherapist practicing solution-focused brief therapy. She founded a network of Chagrin Scolaire centers in France, helping children face up to bullies and deal with schoolyard confrontation.
26 Sep 2016
French therapist and author Emmanuelle Piquet sees some 2,000 children each year who are victims of bullying at school. Ten years ago, she founded France's Chagrin Scolaire centers, which work to help children face up to bullies and...

Young researchers present report on slums, call for new policies

21 Sep 2016
A research study has revealed that Egypt has slums in at least 79 areas, with 12 areas in need of demolition and 67 areas in need of development work to provide essential infrastructure and improve living conditions. The study, which was...

15-year-old proposes hijabi emoji (and it may happen)

hijabi emoji
16 Sep 2016
Soon, headscarf-wearing Muslim women may find an emoji to represent them — thanks to a 15-year-old Saudi girl.   "The fact that there wasn't an emoji to represent me and the millions of other hijabi women across the...

Thousands protest bullfighting in Spain as calls for ban strengthen

11 Sep 2016
Several thousand people rallied in Madrid on Saturday to demand a ban on bullfighting, adding their voices to a growing animal rights movement that has prompted some local authorities to clamp down on the centuries-old tradition....

Fight against sexual harassment in Egypt bearing fruit

01 Sep 2016
Eight years after the first woman in Egypt won a conviction against a man for sexual harassment, activists and lawyers see progress in transforming attitudes and more harassers being jailed. In 2008, Noha Elostaz broke social taboos by...

Continuing the tradition: Why carmakers are rebuilding their most sought-after classics

The reborn Lightweight E-Type Jaguar. — Handout via AFP
27 Aug 2016
When it comes to automotive objects of desire very few classic cars are as rare as a genuine Lightweight Jaguar E-Type or a Shelby 298 Cobra. But such rarity means that owning one is an impossible dream, even with the deepest pockets,...

Schwarzenegger in Hong Kong for new sports festival

Arnold Schwarzenegger
20 Aug 2016
Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger launched a new sports festival in Hong Kong on Friday, telling the stressed-out city to remember to balance mind and body.   The Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival this weekend...