Swiss woman turns Hurghada residence into animal refuge

Monica, a Swiss national, shelters stray animals at her Hurghada residence
28 Oct 2014
As an adamant believer of animal rights, Monica, a Swiss national, has turned a plot of land she had purchased to settle with her husband in Hurghada into a small animal refuge for stray animals and many other creatives in need of a home...

Drive Right campaign raises awareness for drivers in Alexandria

20 Oct 2014
“Put down your phone and drive carefully,” “Don’t weave between cars,” “Don’t comb your hair while driving,” are simple messages written on billboards in a new public awareness campaign...

Apple, Facebook will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's co-founder and chief executive introduces 'Home' a Facebook app suite that integrates with Android during a Facebook press event in Menlo Park, California, 4 April 2013.
20 Oct 2014
Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and Facebook Inc (FB.O) will help pay for female employees to freeze their eggs, signaling a willingness to spend on perks and benefits in a race to acquire top-flight talent.   From January, Apple will pay both...

Jewish activist: ‘My religion is not a threat to you’

16 Jul 2014
We meet a lot of people in life—some may leave an impact, others may go unnoticed. The influence could be positive or negative. However, we will never stop observing those who are remarkable enough to change reality for the better....

Laughter yoga: a natural anti-depressant alternative

06 Mar 2014
In a quiet, cozy studio in Zamalek, ten people from all different walks of life gathered together for a common purpose: bringing more joy to their life.   Though they were all seated together cross-legged in a big circle, it was easy...

Not yet resolved

17 Feb 2014
Hamlet in the famous shakespearean play “Hamlet” said to himself “To be,or not to be: that’s the question” and this is still one of the noblest unresolved statements that’s ever been stated.   No...

While atheism in Egypt rises, backlash ensues

Hundreds of Christians and Muslims attending a celebration in Dobara Church in Garden City neighborhood, Cairo, 4 January 2013. A choir recited hymns during the ceremony.
30 Sep 2013
In a religious country such as Egypt, despite atheism being a taboo highly frowned upon, atheists say their numbers are on the rise. But with any new movement taking hold, a cultural backlash is bound to ensue.   In an attempt to...

Education Ministry closes New Valley school with just one student

One student in New Valley school
26 Sep 2013
Education officials in the New Valley decided to close a school that had only one student and 12 teachers to avoid squandering public money. Besides the teaching staff, the school has employees and janitors all of whom served one student...

Helwan University pushes school year back one week

18 Sep 2013
The start of the school year at Helwan University has been postponed for one week due to lingering security concerns in Egypt, according to the university's deputy head, Samir al-Demerdash.     Demerdash told privately-owned...

Education minister: 10,000 new schools needed

Education Minister Mahmoud Aboul Nasr
09 Sep 2013
Egypt's education system is in need of 10,000 new schools, according to Education Minister Mahmoud Aboul Nasr, in order to make room for around 18.5 million students.   The project, which aims to bring Egypt's total number of...