Ma3ana — Getting Cairo's homeless back on their feet

24 Jun 2016
A very large number of people live in Cairo. Some live in large luxury homes, others in small, practical apartments, and there are those who inhabit Cairo’s streets. We’ve all seen them constructing makeshift homes on street...

A festival of fun: Islamic Cairo comes alive at Ramadan

14 Jun 2016
In Cairo the essence of Ramadan is tangible in the air and it seems that the rhythm of the city has been entirely reset. The city goes quiet and deserted around Iftar time and becomes a lot more crowded late at night when people stay out...

World's highest-paid athletes: Cristiano Ronaldo tops Forbes 2016 list

Ronaldo celebrates after making the decisive penalty kick to win the match.  
11 Jun 2016
He's just won the Champions League with Real Madrid — and now Cristiano Ronaldo can celebrate being the world's highest-paid athlete, too.   Forbes estimates that Portugal captain Ronaldo, who will be one of the biggest...

Is the spirit of Ramadan fading with the years?

A collection of traditional Ramadan lanterns
08 Jun 2016
Ramadan in Egypt used to have a special spiritual feel. Interwoven with the religious essence of the holy month of fasting, a rich tapestry of traditions dating back as far as the Fatimid period have come to characterize Ramadan in the...

At Ramadan, migrants in Europe dream of family and comfort food

A migrant prays during the first day of Ramadan at a state-run camp for refugees and migrants in Schisto, near Athens, Greece June 6, 2016.

07 Jun 2016
As Ramadan began in Germany on Monday, Syrian asylum seeker Khairallah Swaid said he would pray for a reunion with his wife, who is stranded at a camp in Greece, and crave his mother's makloubeh, a meat and rice dish served during the...

Egypt’s population reaches 91 million: CAPMAS

06 Jun 2016
Egypt’s population reached 91 million on Sunday, rising by one million in only six months since December 2015, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) said. "Continued population growth on the current...

Ramadan lanterns: the good, the bad and the downright ugly

Ramadan lanterns
06 Jun 2016
In the run up to Ramadan, Cairo’s streets are always alive with Muslims making preparations for the holy month and its associated festivities. Aside from dried fruit, desserts and a plethora of other food-related essentials,...

Uber Bike launches in Amsterdam

05 Jun 2016
Rideshare service Uber has come up with a unique solution to a uniquely Dutch problem: cars equipped with bike racks to take both passengers and their rides back home. Cycling is a deeply ingrained part of daily life in Amsterdam: 75...

After conservative meet, Zuckerberg says Facebook open to 'all ideas'

20 May 2016
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday that conservatives are an important part of the social network after a meeting aimed at defusing concerns it is politically biased.   "We've built Facebook to be a platform for...

Street carts: the emerging money-spinner in Egypt's economic crisis

byBike cart
18 May 2016
Living in Cairo, we are no strangers to street carts. Whether they are selling the national staple food, "fuul", early in the morning, selling seasonal fruits and vegetables or collecting "robabekya" household scrap,...