After conservative meet, Zuckerberg says Facebook open to 'all ideas'

20 May 2016
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday that conservatives are an important part of the social network after a meeting aimed at defusing concerns it is politically biased.   "We've built Facebook to be a platform for...

Street carts: the emerging money-spinner in Egypt's economic crisis

byBike cart
18 May 2016
Living in Cairo, we are no strangers to street carts. Whether they are selling the national staple food, "fuul", early in the morning, selling seasonal fruits and vegetables or collecting "robabekya" household scrap,...

Women boxers punch through social taboos in Sudan

Sahar Mohamed Al Dooma, 26, practises boxing at Al Rabie club in Omdurman May 10,2016.
14 May 2016
Sweat drips from Arafat Abkar's brow as she dodges blows in an open-air arena in Khartoum's searing summer heat. Wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, the 22-year-old draws crowds in a country where Muslim mores mean women's...

Vietnamese girls smuggled into China as child brides

09 May 2016
"When I woke up I didn't know that I was in China." Lan remembers the night that changed her whole life. While preparing for university along the border in northern Vietnam, a friend she met online asked her to a group dinner...

The higher the heel, the wealthier the city, says new research

How high your heels are may be influenced by the prosperity of your environment. 
08 May 2016
Do you live in your high heels? Chances are you live in a wealthy city, new research suggests.   American women who relocate to wealthier cities are more likely to adopt the fashion preferences of those around them (including higher...

Distraction is often a factor in teen drivers’ rear-end collisions

Younger drivers are the most willing to trust autonomous driving technology. — AFP Relaxnews
07 May 2016
In a US study using in-car video recorders, more than three-quarters of rear end collisions involving a teen driver happened when the teen was paying attention to a phone, a passenger or something else other than the road. When a phone was...

Pregnant at 15: The story of Romania’s teenage mothers

15-year-old Lorena holds her child at her home in an abandoned building where another few families live in a village near Botosani, north-eastern Romania, on March 30, 2016. 
04 May 2016
“God has given me a beautiful little girl. But life is difficult because I am still a child myself,” says Lorena, one of more than 2,000 girls under 16 who give birth in Romania each year, some as young as 12.   Cradling...

Be careful: Some made-in-China toys can seriously harm your kids

children's toys can affect language learning according to new study
30 Apr 2016
From exploding hoverboards to cancer-causing children’s pyjamas, the EU has a who list of dangerous products for sale, most of them coming from China. Brussels said it had issued 2,072 alerts on unsafe products ranging from toys to...

Muhammad Ali: Five things you never knew about the boxing legend

Boxing legend Muhammed Ali
29 Apr 2016
There's not much that hasn't been written about Muhammad Ali. A boxing legend who transcended his sport, the 74-year-old is known to many and will be forgotten by few. But there still remains an element of intrigue surrounding the...

Why wooden skyscrapers are springing up across the world

CRG architects proposed a skyscraper made entirely of bamboo at the World Architecture Festival.
27 Apr 2016
At 1,000 feet tall, it will only be overshadowed in London by The Shard.   But unlike that tapering glass structure, this 80-story tower, if given the green light for construction, will be made of timber — making it London's...