American Hepatitis C drug on the market in September

Dr. Wahid Doss, head of the National Institute for Liver Diseases, said on Monday said the Health Ministry and the registry of the Central Administration of Pharmaceuticals met to complete the registration of the American Hepatitis C drug.

He added that the ministry is buying the drug at 1 percent of its global price.
“Registration will be completed within two months, the fastest period in the history of drug registration in Egypt,” he said. “It will be available on the market in September.”
Egypt is known for having the highest rate of Hepatitis C in the world.
Raymond Schinazi, the developer of the Sovaldi drug, was born in Alexandria in 1950, but was forced to leave Egypt due to his Jewish heritage.
“I spent my childhood there but had to leave because of the political circumstances at the time,”  he told talk show host Lamia al-Hadidi via satellite from London in April. “But I’m coming to Egypt for a medical conference in the Red Sea governorate in November.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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