Arab League expresses concern over protester shootings

The Arab League on Monday expressed deep concern over the use of violence against protesters calling for freedom of expression and democracy. In a statement, the league’s secretariat said that demands for freedom deserve support and should not be met with bullets.

The league said it would be discussing the current situation in a number of Arab countries, which it described as "a serious dilemma" to be addressed during the next Arab foreign ministers meeting slated for mid March. In the statement, the league added that current developments in a number of Arab cities indicate a desire by the peoples of the Arab world to bring modernization to their societies.

The statement went on to say that at the head of protester demands comes the right for freedom of expression, an end to policies of oppression and the move towards democracy and reform. According to the statement, recent events in Egypt, Tunisia, as well as current events in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and other Arab countries, indicate that a new era is emerging in the Arab World.

In the statement, the league secretariat explained that it condemns resistance against the “historic” protest movement and considers it a losing bet. The statement called on Arab governments to commit to rapid reform and immediately end the use of violence against protesters.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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