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21 hours ago

National Bank of Egypt provides alternate certificates after terminating 15% platinum

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) on Monday introduced various amendments to its certificates, following the termination of its annual Platinum Certificate with a one-year 15 percent return. Its alternate certificates include the reduction of annual interest rates for newer ... Read More

16 hours ago

Egypt announces discovery of limestone sarcophagus and ushabti statues at Minya

A limestone sarcophagus and numerous ushabti funeral statuettes were discovered in Minya by an Egyptian archaeological mission headed by the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa al-Waziry, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced Monday. The artifacts ... Read More

2 days ago

Shahid VIP boosts parental controls, adds Disney to its platform

Shahid VIP, the Arab world’s leading TV and movie streaming service, is now offering updated parental controls and additional content in its “Kids Mode”, which contains movies and shows catered to children and families. This new content includes shows and ... Read More

18 hours ago

Life & Style
Germany eager to resume tourism with Egypt as soon as possible, says minister

A German minister has pledged to study how to revive tourism to Egypt as soon as possible, once Germany resumes foreign tourism with the rest of the world. Returning tourism to Egypt will be a special priority due to the ... Read More