Baseera poll: one third of Egyptians unable to evaluate PM performance

A poll conducted by the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera) has shown that 22 percent of Egyptians believe that Prime Minister Sherif Ismail’s performance is good, 25 percent marked it as moderate, while 18 percent said it was bad.

However, the survey showed that around one third of Egyptians admit to being unable to evaluate the Prime Minister's performance.

Maged Othman, head of the center, said that the rate of those who marked the performance as good rises from 19 percent in urban provinces to 22 percent in the Delta and Upper Egypt. Conversely, the 'bad' ratings go down from 27 percent in urban provinces to 19 percent in Upper Egypt and 15 percent in the Delta.

Surprisingly, 27 percent of the males surveyed were unable to decide about his performance, compared to 43 percent of females, he said.

Educational level did not represent a clear difference between those who marked his performance as good. The 'good' rating was about 20 percent among those with lower than average educational level and 29 percent among university graduates.

The rate of those who believed the performance was bad increased from 12 percent among those with a lower than average education level, up to 33 percent among university graduates.

Meanwhile, the rate of those who cannot decide about the performance decreased from 45 percent among those with lower than average education, down to 16 percent among university graduates.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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