Bassem Youssef program producers terminate contract with CBC

The Qsoft Company that produces Bassem Youssef’s show “Al-Bernameg” has terminated its contract with the Future Company for Satellite and Radio Channels, owner of the CBC satellite channel.
Qsoft is filing for compensation from CBC for stopping the show.
It said in a statement on Facebook that CBC tried to restrict the content of the show, and that it denied any relation to the episodes of 25 October and 1 November although it had actually received the recordings.
It also said that CBC fabricated claims that the show does not comply with the policy of the channel and that Qsoft asked for more money to continue producing it.
The statement added that the channel has been broadcasting the show for more than seven months with great success.
It went on to say that stopping the show gave a reverse image of about democracy and freedom of expression in Egypt after the 30 June revolution, which has already been a large point of discussion in Western media. 
It said further that Qsoft had urged the channel to retract its position to no avail, which now warrants legal action.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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