Bassem Youssef on whether his program would return: Reality is more satirical

When asked if his program would return during Ramadan, Bassem Youssef denied that possibility. “Reality is more satirical,” he tweeted.
Bassem Youssef hosted Al-Bernameg (The Program), a satirical news program from 2011 to mid- 2014 on the ONTV, CBC and MBC Masr channels.
The show was cancelled in June 2014 because of controversial content. Youssef held a press conference at that time where he announced the termination of the show due to pressure on both the show and the airing channel.
Egypt’s most popular satirist has joined the Harvard Institute of Politics at the John F Kennedy School of Government as a resident fellow for the spring semester, eight months after winding up his TV show because he felt it was no longer safe to satirize Egyptian politics, according to The Guardian.

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