Bin Laden’s doctor held military exercises in Sinai, sources say

Bin Laden’s doctor, Ramzy Moafy, who escaped from prison during the revolution, held military exercises south of Arish in Sinai, informed sources have said.

They said Moafy led the exercises for 40 armed men under the protection of 13 four-wheel-drive vehicles, of which four carried anti-aircraft guns.

An eyewitness has said he saw 15 of the gunmen carrying machine guns and sophisticated binoculars.

Security sources said a large number of extremist groups in and outside of Sinai have been identified and would be arrested soon, adding that those groups were joined by hundreds of gunmen coming form different governorates to carry out an order given to them in March to turn Sinai into an Islamic emirate.

They have arrived there with their families settled in different areas.

While a security source admitted that there are seven main camps to train militants in Sinai, he denied that Moafy was there, accusing Israel of spreading rumors.

In related news, prosecutors in North Sinai have examined the remaining head of a suspected suicide bomber who blew himself up, killing an Egyptian soldier and wounding another at a border checkpoint.

They found that the features of the head indicated that the 40-year-old bearded man was not Egyptian, and ordered a DNA test to identify the person's identity.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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