Border control seizes car filled with weapons at Libyan border

Western border patrol guards on Monday seized a vehicle crossing into Egypt from Libya. The vehicle carried a number of weapons, including machine guns, sniper rifles and RPG grenade launchers. 

The guards seized the white Toyota Land Cruiser, and arrested Mohamed Ali Saad and Abdel Hadi Mohamed Abdel Rahman from Sidi Barrani, Egypt. The vehicle had attempted entered Egypt near the Salloum border crossing.
The guards found a large number of weapons and ammunition inside the car, including 19 sniper rifles, seven machine guns, three .5-inch caliber machine guns, RPG grenade launchers and two 9 mm pistols, along with 230 rounds of 54 mm bullets, 1650 rounds of 9 mm bullets and 6930 rounds of 39 mm bullets. 
Western military Commander General Staff Medhat Nahas referred the suspects to military prosecution, which detained the suspects for 15 days pending investigation on charges of smuggling weapons.
Military experts examined the weapons and ammunition, and officers from the Matrouh Traffic Department examined the car.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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