Brotherhood accused of falsely implicating political activist in thuggery

Activists have accused some members of the Muslim Brotherhood of falsely implicating a young man from the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition in a case of thuggery, in an attempt to eliminate political rivals.

The military prosecution on Saturday ordered the detention of political activist Wael Abu Leil for 15 days for alleged involvement in plotting acts of violence against demonstrators in Tahrir Square on Friday.

Friday saw clashes between the military and protesters that killed three people and wounded dozens. Renowned businessman Ibrahim Kamel, a close associate of deposed President Hosni Mubarak, was also accused of plotting the violence.

The activists, who took part in a conference held at the headquarters of the liberal Ghad Party on Wednesday, said members of the Muslim Brotherhood claimed Abul Leil was one of Kamel’s men.

In a statement on Wednesday, Youth Coalition member Shadi al-Ghazaly said that Abul Leil was only responsible for organizing entry to and exit from the square, and that when he tried to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from controlling the entrances and access to the podium, this led to clashes between them.

"Since that day, Brotherhood members kept attacking him on satellite talk shows,” Al-Ghazaly said. “And he failed to get through to those shows on the phone to defend himself.”

Ghad Party President Ayman Nour said he was confident of Abul Leil’s innocence.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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