Brotherhood attorney: After recounting, Morsy still ahead

Muslim Brotherhood attorney Abdel Moneim Abdel Maksoud, the legal adviser for Mohamed Morsy's presidential campaign, has said that recounting at the polling stations Ahmed Shafiq had queried matched the official counts handed over by judges.
Morsy’s campaign published these counts in an online book a few days ago.
Abdel Maksoud told Al-Masry Al-Youm that they were invited by the Presidential Elections Commission to attend the recounting of votes from four polling stations at Assiut Police Department, as Shafiq had appealed their results.
He said Shafiq withdrew his request to recount votes at the fourth polling station without giving a reason, so only three were recounted.
The attorney said that after the counting, annulled ballot cards were screened, which added 20 votes for Morsy and 28 for Shafiq, which does not affect the electoral process.
“The polling stations have proven the superiority of Mohamed Morsy’s [votes] , and found a number of invalid votes that do not affect the electoral process,” he added.
Abdel Maksoud said Shafiq had more votes in one station and Morsy in two others, and wondered why Shafiq would appeal the results of a polling station in which he was ahead.
The Brotherhood attorney expected no other recounts, since the recount process was attended by representatives of both campaigns, meaning that the Presidential Elections Commission has nearly finished considering all appeals.
He predicted that Morsy's victory would be announced within hours.

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