Cabinet requests amending protest law to include tougher penalties

The Egyptian Cabinet is asking for amendements to the protest law that would impose tougher penalties for the destruction of power stations and police and army vehicles. 
"The Cabinet requested from the Ministry of Transitional Justice to modify the law regulating demonstrations and the National Council of Human Rights also submitted proposed amendments," said Minister of Transitional Justice Amin al-Heneidy in an interview with CBC TV. "We received the suggestions of the bodies concerned with laws that would be amended."
The law regulating protests, issued after toppling president Mohamed Morsy, has raised the objections of political activists. 
It requires prior permission from the security authorities, including a declaration of the purpose of the protest and the chants used in it.
Many activists who protested against the law have been arrested.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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