Cabinet will apply protest law decisively: deputy PM

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Higher Education Hossam Eissa said the government is committed to the law regulating protests and will apply it "decisively" should protesters break it in the future.

"If the Cabinet backtracks on the law, it will be unworthy of its position," Eissa added.
Eissa said in a phone-in with 90 Minutes talk show on Mehwar Channel Wednesday evening the Cabinet had been under attack for a long time.
"The Egyptian law on demonstrations is more prestigious than its Swiss counterpart," Eissa said.
"The government has done in four months what other governments failed to do in five years."
The Cabinet applied the minimum and maximum wage rates and was committed to preventing security guards at universities, Eissa said.
Political activists have forgotten that Egypt is fighting a war against terrorism, and that the Muslim Brotherhood would take advantage of any chance, Eissa added.
Eissa pointed out that if any other country had suffered Egypt's financial crises, it would have prevented demonstrations, not issued a law regulating it.
Eissa agreed to the arrest of female activists on Tuesday outside the Shura Council. He added activists insulted the police and four police officers were injured.
Clashes occurred Tuesday between activists who staged a protest outside the Shura Council against a proposed article allowing military trials for civilians in the new constitution. Many activists were arrested and reportedly harassed.

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