Clashes occur Friday between protesters, security in different governorates

Muslim Brotherhood supporters continued their protests in Cairo and other governorates Friday under the slogan "We will not be ruled by Zionists or Americans."

In the Haram and Ain Shams neighborhoods, protesters set fire to police cars amid clashes with opponents and security forces.
In Giza, protesters also set fire to two police cars near Maryotia using fireworks.
Dozens organized a human chain in Omraniya and raised banners that read "Constitutional legitimacy, Morsy is president of the republic," and "Bread, freedom and social justice."
In Maadi, clashes occured between protesters and a number of tuktuk drivers using rocks.
In Nasr City, security forces dispersed a march after protesters cut access to a road and chased them into nearby streets.
Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood supporters staged marches in Alexandria after Friday prayers. They chanted against military rule, raised Rabaa signs and set fire to the US flag.
The Health Ministry announced in a statement that 21 injuries were reported during clashes between supporters of toppled President Mohamed Morsy and security forces in Cairo, Fayoum, Sharqiya and Alexandria.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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