Coptic sources say protests likely to resume

Coptic Christians are preparing for renewed protests over what they say is a delay in arrests of people who burned a church in Helwan earlier this month.

Protesters plan to demonstrate in front of the Egyptian state television building, Coptic sources said.

Angry Muslims had set a church on fire in a village in Atfeeh, Helwan in early March because of a romantic relationship between a Coptic man and a Muslim girl.

The incident led to violent clashes between Muslims and Copts in various places around Cairo. Copts staged a 10-day protest in front of the Egyptian Television building to call for the protection of Copts and for the arrest of those who burned the church.

Azmi Wadee, a Copt in Atfeeh, Helwan, said it's highly likely that protests will resume because not all of the demands of Copts have been satisfied.

Clashes also broke out on 8 March between hundreds of Copts and Salafis in the Zarayeb area of Cairo's Moqattam district. The clashes left 140 people injured and 13 dead., a website close to the church, said today that an initiative has been launched to call for fresh protests. It said Copts had decided to suspend their protests until the 25 March, vowing to return to the streets if their demands were not met.


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