Director: NSA bans film on Egyptian Jews

The director of the film "The Jews of Egypt" film Amir Ramses has said that the National Security Agency banned the film in Egypt.

Ramses said that the NSA’s ban violated the powers of the country’s censorship authorities, and described the move as "ignorant and authoritarian."

"This is an encroachment on the powers of the censorship authority. The film had been displayed as it already gained the [censorship authority] approval without remarks. It was displayed in the [Panorama of the European Film] Festival, in addition to being displayed in more than one festival," Ramses wrote on his Facebook account.

Ramses also added that he and film producer Haitham Khamisy would take legal action against the Culture Ministry and the minister of culture for postponing the renewal of their licenses, and lashed out at the National Security Agency, which he said was “as authoritarian” as the Interior Ministry and the equivalen of the former State Security Investigation Services under ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

"Banning the film after gaining the regulatory approval twice is a barefaced encroachment by the National Security Agency," Ramses said.

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