Egypt affirms its keenness to reach a legally binding agreement on GERD operation: PM

Egypt affirms its keenness to reach a legally binding agreement on filling and operating the Renaissance Dam that achieves common interests, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said, on the official page of the Cabinet on Facebook.

Egypt requires an agreement that balances between Ethiopia achieving the maximum possible benefit from the dam, in the field of electricity and sustainable development on the one hand, and causing no harm to the downstream countries of Egypt and Sudan on the other, according to Madbouly.

Madbouly announced that Egypt has shown interest in resuming negotiations as soon as possible with the aim of resolving  technical and legal issues.

In order to reach a fair, balanced and equitable agreement, taking into account that Egypt suffers from water scarcity and depends mainly on the Nile water.

“No doubt that achieving development in all the Nile Basin countries has always been one of Egypt’s priorities, by providing assistance and expertise that contribute to assisting neighboring countries, within the framework of a bilateral cooperation that provides stability all around,” he added.

Egypt hopes that this agreement will establish a new phase of cooperation that would achieve regional stability, the statement said. 

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