Egypt imports 100 megawatts of Jordanian electricity in single day

Jordan on Tuesday announced it had exported between 50 and 100 megawatts of electricity to Egypt via the shared Inter-Arab Electricity Network.

“We had to import some electricity from neighboring countries in order to meet rising demand during peak times,” Egyptian Electricity Ministry Undersecretary Aktham Abul Ela said. “But we’ve had fewer power cuts in recent days as a result of cooling temperatures.”

He added: “We have high hopes for an electricity interconnection project between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, since these two countries have the largest networks in the region.”

Jordan, too, has not been unaffected by the recent wave of high temperatures.

“The total load on our national electricity grid has been affected by the heat waves,” said Jordanian Electricity Ministry Operations Manager Amin al-Zoghl. “During the last heat wave, the total load rose to 2650 megawatts.”

Successive heat waves to hit Jordan last month brought the country's total electricity capacity down from 2600 megawatts to less than 2300 megawatts, prompting Amman–like Egypt–to resort to periodic power cuts in different areas of the kingdom.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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