Egypt police arrests man who killed father and 4 brothers

The Egyptian Interior Ministry, on Tuesday, announced the arrest of the suspect in killing his father and four family members, which was known to media as the “Dishna massacre”.

The ministry said, in a statement on Tuesday, that the suspect has fired shots from a machine gun he had at his family members (his father, mother and four brothers), which led to their deaths, except for his mother, who was injured and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The ministry explained that the accident occurred due to disagreements between the suspect his father due to the perpetrators’ desire to make his father pay the expenses for building an apartment for him.

The suspect was targeted with the participation of the Public Security Sector and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Qena Security Directorate. He was arrested when he was in one of the residences in the mountainous area of Qena, in possession of the weapon used in the crime and two bullet magazines.

“By confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident and explained that because of his father’s mistreatment to him and his refusal to give him his material needs, legal measures were taken,” the statement said.


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