Egypt prosecutors instructed not to comment on politics on social media

Egypt’s top prosecutor issued on Tuesday a decision instructing members of the prosecution not to comment on political issues on social networking websites or accept unknown "friend requests".

The public prosecutor announced the decision in a periodic instructions memorandum to members of the prosecution office. The memorandum was made available to Aswat Masriya.

The instructions referred to recent incidents involving a number of prosecutors who expressed their views on political affairs in Egypt via social networking websites.

The decision reads that such act violates the judicial instructions that stipulate that members of the prosecution should not express their opinion or comment on political matters so as to preserve the neutrality of the public prosecution.

Prosecutors are also instructed not to accept friend requests on social media or electronic applications until the identities of those sending the requests are verified so as "not to mingle with those who are not above suspicion."

The top prosecutor further directed members of the prosecution not to discuss details or reveal confidential information regarding cases they are presiding over.

Prosecutors are also not allowed to make statements in media outlets on cases they are investigating, or to make any public appearances in the media.

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