Egypt retrieves stolen artifact from Switzerland

The Egyptian Embassy in Switzerland received Thursday morning an antique Egyptian panel made of black granite belonging to the 30th Dynasty era, an Antiquities Ministry statement said on Thursday.

The panel was stolen from the temple of Behbeit el-Hegara in Gharbiya and is registered with the Ministry's records as an artifact.
The Swiss authorities seized the panel in 2014 once they suspected it was a stolen ancient Egyptian artifact, said general manager of the Retrieved Artifacts Department with the Antiquities Ministry, Shaaban Abdel Gawad.
The Ministry has since been following up on legal and diplomatic channels to retrieve the artifact, he added. In 2011, the Antiquities Ministry also retrieved from the US another panal that was stolen from the temple. 
The panel is 106 cm long and 92 cm in width with engravings of a goddess holding the Ankh sign in her right hand, with the remains of human bodies laying in front of her as sacrifices, according to Abdel Gawad.
Behbeit el-Hegara temple was robbed in 1990. 

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