EgyptAir’s Cairo-New York service passes annual TSA security inspection without a hitch

EgyptAir chairman Safwat Musallam said on Sunday that the company has passed the regular security checks conducted by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) without any notices on faults or necessary improvements.

In a statement on Sunday, the company said that a delegation from the TSA paid a three-day visit, during which they inspected the Cairo-New York flights.

The delegation reviewed the security programs and training records, as well as security measures followed by the airport and the aircraft. Measures to secure the safety of passengers were also inspected.

The TSA inspects the security measures followed by EgyptAir on flights to New York twice every year to ensure safety of the flights. This is the 26th time that EgyptAir has passed the inspection without any notices since the procedure was first followed in 2004.

EgyptAir is keen to promote safety on its flights after a series of air-related emergencies and disasters in Egypt in the past year.

In October 2015, a Russian plane was downed over Sinai, with the loss of 224 passengers and crew. In May of this year, an EgyptAir flight crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, with the loss of all 66 people on board.

In a separate incident, an EgyptAIr flight was hijacked earlier this year and forced to land in Cyprus. The hijacker later released all passengers and crew unharmed.

The string of air-related incidents has hit Egypt's tourism industry hard, with EgyptAir among the companies suffering financially.

Edited translation from MENA


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