Egyptian authority approves first non-Islamic party since revolution

On Sunday the political parties committee approved the first non-Islamic political party since March, when the law legalizing the establishment of parties was issued. The committee is affiliated with the Court of Cassation.

Judicial sources on Monday told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the Justice Party was approved, granting it the right to political activity.

Since the law was established, the committee has approved two Islamic parties: the Freedom and Justice Party affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Nour Party, founded by Salafis in Alexandria.

The Justice Party includes many of the revolution's youth, as well as poets and academics.

In its founding statement, the party said its founders have a vision regarding the country’s renaissance that involves breaking from strict ideologies. The statement added that the party will adopt sustainable development as a starting point for national action.

Judicial sources said the committee decided on Sunday to postpone approving two parties, the Social Democratic Egyptian Party and the Free Egyptians Party.

It also requested clarification from party founders about its financing source, which is due to be presented next Sunday.

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