Egyptian Bloc Coalition sets criteria for parliamentary nominations

The Egyptian Bloc Coalition, which includes 21 political parties, in a meeting on Saturday, laid down criteria for candidates it intends to field in upcoming parliamentary elections.

The criteria are based on candidates’ integrity, popularity and political history before and after the revolution.

“If we disagree on a certain candidate, we resort to the general coordinator of the National Association for Change for arbitration,” explained Mohamed Abul Ghar, president of the Egyptian Democratic Party.

For his part, Ihab al-Kharrat, member of the Egyptian Social Party, said his party and the Free Egyptians Party are fielding 480 candidates in the elections, the largest number of candidates within the coalition.

But Essam Mohy, secretary general of the Salafi Al-Tahrir Party, said the party might not run under the coalition due to differences over candidacy lists. “We’re considering the formation of another coalition of ten political [parties,” he said.

Meanwhile, Essam Serry, president of the Sout Al-Horreya Party, said the party is still studying whether to run under the coalition.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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