Egyptian killed in Milano street fight, sparking protests

An Egyptian national was reportedly stabbed to death on Saturday by Latin American immigrants in a street fight in Milan, Italy. The incident has been followed by angry demonstrations by members of Egyptian and North African communities across Italy.

Egyptian Hamed el-Fayed, 19, along with two friends from Morocco and another from Cote d’Ivoire, reportedly engaged in a street fight with five as-yet-unidentified immigrants from Peru. After stabbing el-Fayed repeatedly in the chest, the Peruvian immigrants reportedly fled the scene.

According to Italian police sources, members of Italy’s Egyptian and North African communities soon took to the streets to protest the incident, setting a number of cars on fire.

The Egyptian Consulate in Italy reassured protesters that it planned to investigate the incident.

Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Mohamed Abdel Hakam said that Italian police were in the process of reviewing video footage taken from street surveillance cameras installed where the incident took place.

Egyptian Consul in Italy Amr Abbas, for his part, is scheduled to meet Milan’s security director on Sunday to follow up on the case. According to Abbas, Italian police are close to identifying the perpetrators.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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