Egypt’s writers union condemns violence against Tahrir protesters

Egypt’s writers union condemned Tuesday "brutal" practices by security and military forces against protesters in and around Tahrir Square.

In a report to the public prosecutor against the interior minister and leadership of the armed forces, the union demanded quick investigations into the violence in downtown Cairo and Alexandria, Suez and Port Said governorates.

The union expressed resentment toward the security and military's violent practices against peaceful protesters.

Procrastination by the military council is allowing a return of the former regime, the union added.

“Egyptians waited for nine months but the ruling council has achieved nothing more than false promises and misleading practices," reads the report.

“The ruling council should have listened to the voices of wise Egyptians and adopted ideas that benefit Egypt, instead of replacing wisdom with force, mind with live ammunition and rubber bullets, clear vision with tear gas bombs,” the report adds.

The union demanded a reconsideration of the political process and forming a foundational assembly made up of all segments of Egyptian society to write the constitution. It also stressed necessity of forming a national salvation government, saying, “The resignation of Essam Sharaf’s government and replacing it is not enough.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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