ElBaradei meets with Brotherhood leaders

Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei held a meeting late Sunday with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party at the invitation of Brotherhood leaders.

ElBaradei’s campaign office said the visit is one in a series of meetings convened by ElBaradei this week with the new political parties such as the Free Egyptians Party and the Adl Party.

In a statement, the campaign office said the meeting will address the various issues including ElBaradei’s recent bill of rights, and his candidacy for the presidential elections.

In a statement published on the Brotherhood's website, the party's Secretary General Mohamed Saad Katatny said this visit comes within the framework of friendly relations between ElBaradei and leaders of the party.

Katatny went on to say that the meeting will address the revolution’s progress. He said ElBaradei had come to congratulate the group on their new party.

Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party in Giza Amr Darag said the party welcomes ElBaradei and all presidential hopefuls. He went on to say that he previously worked with ElBaradei within the National Assembly for Change prior to the revolution. Saying “this is not the time for electoral competition,” he also denied the meeting aimed at supporting ElBaradei in presidential elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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