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ElBaradei named honorary president of Dostour Party

Mohamed ElBaradei, founder of the Dostour Party, was named its honorary president after deciding he would not run for the post during internal party polls scheduled for September.
“He said he would not run from day one,” said Hossam Eissa, a committee chairman. “And he is against appointing young members in leading positions.”
Meanwhile, the National Salvation Front is devising a strategy to save the country from disaster, said front member Wahid Abdel Meguid. 
“The plan is inspired by our election boycott that made the court suspend the parliamentary elections,” he said, adding that the blueprint is slated to bring stability as the country amends the parliamentary elections law.
“We have to pull the country out of this dark tunnel,” he said. “The political process is continuously faltering.”
Meguid said the framework includes forming a national salvation government with the support of the nation’s political forces and offers a detailed action plan and timetable to prevent the economic and political crisis Egypt is fast approaching.
“We will [fix] the relationship between the executive and judicial powers,” he said, adding that the prosecutor general will be forced to resign.
“The plan also sets laws for transitional justice to address grievances, especially the issue of the martyrs and the wounded,” he said. “Then we would form a neutral legal committee to amend the constitution,” he said.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm