ElBaradei urges Egypt’s military to hand power to presidential council

Pro-democracy advocate Mohamed ElBaradei suggested on Saturday the formation of a presidential council if the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces insists on handing over power after six months.

On his Twitter account, the ElBaradei said what is important at the moment is to lay foundations for a genuine democracy, adding that we should not be pressured by the time factor.

He said a temporary constitution, the setting up of a committee to put together a new constitution, and holding the presidential elections before parliamentary elections are factors that will help ensure a transition to a democracy based on participation and equal opportunity.

ElBaradei warned that holding parliamentary elections before the presidential elections, with restrictions on forming political parties still in place, will produce a parliament that does not truly represent the people.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces earlier announced that the referendum on constitutional amendments will be held on 19 March, the parliamentary election in June and the presidential race in August.

Egyptian revolutionaries say this schedule is likely to favor members of the National Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, who are the most organized forces at the moment.

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