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Elections that did not meet ambitions

The first round of the elections has ended with the following remarks:
1 – A low turnout of just a quarter of the total number of voters. This is a serious phenomenon. Among the reasons why this happened are that the youth is angry with the regime and the government deliberately issued an unfair election law so as to produce a weak parliament. Also, although the “For the Love of Egypt” list included some good people, it had other figures that are disliked. Actually, the absolute electoral list is an authoritarian system that should not be applied in any country with even the slightest margin of democracy. Add to this that people were bored from the long period in which the elections were postponed.
2 – Most people do not believe the next parliament will represent them truly and achieve the demands of the January 25 Revolution for freedom and social justice.
3 – The huge and rapid economic deterioration and the increasing suffering of the poor made people disappointed and reluctant to participate in the elections.
4 – The elections were held under good security conditions, as there was no violence like in previous elections, perhaps due to the absence of the Muslim Brotherhood.
5 – Most symbols of the National Democratic Party did not run in the elections and those who did lost.
6 – The Free Egyptians Party came in as number one, thanks to choosing popular candidates and — of course — because of huge financial support. It was followed by the Homeland Future Party, which was expected because it is said that it is supported by a state agency.
7 – The private media had no right to defame the competitors of the candidates it favored and state media should have given an equal opportunity to all candidates.
8 – The positive thing is that there was a significant participation of Coptic Christians, whether as candidates or as voters. The Copts will freely elect a representative for the first time since 1952.
9 – The Salafis did not win because they cannot do without the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.
10 – Egypt will become a real civil state only when obstacles for political parties are removed, for the Brotherhood threat still exists. We will not make it without strong and popular parties.
Also, the electoral process should be changed to a proportional list system as in all European countries and in Israel. This is the only fair representation, but the government does not want it.
Arise, O Egyptian, for Egypt is calling for you.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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