Evicted Coptic Christians return to Dahshur

Security forces, together with the family elders of the village of Dahshur, helped the 16 Coptic families who were forced to leave the village return to their homes.

They had left due to violent sectarian clashes that erupted in July after a Muslim young man accused a Christian laundry owner of burning his shirt while ironing it.

The clashes killed one person, wounded six others and led to the burning of two houses.

President Mohamed Morsy had ordered Giza Governor Ali Abdel Rahman to form a committee to deal with the incident.

Giza Bishop Theadsius said the governor paid each family LE10,000 in principle compensation until their losses are estimated.

Muslim residents welcomed the returning families, who were happy to go back.

The governor said the total compensation amounted to LE52,000 given to 52 residents and seven shop owners. “We are also launching a charity project of LE1 million in the name of the citizen who died in the clashes,” he said.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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