FM Nabil Fahmy: Obama’s UN speech objectively reflects situation in Egypt

Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said that U.S. President Barack Obama's speech before the UN General Assembly on Tuesday has shown that the US will respect the will of the people in the region.

Fahmy added that the U.S. intends to build constructive ties with the interim government in Egypt, based on Obama’s speech.

In statements to the press on Tuesday, Fahmy claimed that Obama acknowledged that even though ousted President Mohamed Morsy was elected in a democratic way his rule has been non-inclusive. 

“Mohamed Morsy was democratically elected, but proved unwilling or unable to govern in a way that was fully inclusive," Obama said in his speech. "The interim government that replaced him responded to the desires of millions of Egyptians who believed the revolution had taken a wrong turn, but it too has made decisions inconsistent with inclusive democracy – through an emergency law, and restrictions on the press, civil society, and opposition parties."

Fahmy added that Obama's speech is positive and objectively reflects the situation in Egypt. He added, however, that the state of emergency, which Obama also referred to, is a temporary procedure that will be lifted as the roadmap is implemented and the modern democratic state is built.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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