Foreign Ministry investigating alleged assault of Egyptian in Jordan

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said Friday that it is following investigations into the alleged torture of an Egyptian national in Jordan. 

Twenty-eight year-old Ibrahim Darwish from ‎Mansoura, who had been working as a bodyguard for a restaurant in Jordan, was hospitalized with extensive injuries. On Thursday, photos were circulated on social media showing the victim lying in a hospital bed with his arms and legs in bandages. 

Al-Masry Al-Youm did not obtain official details explaining the circumstances of the incident, but the Egyptian embassy announced that Khaled Tharwat, ambassador to Amman, sent a delegate and the embassy’s legal adviser to Darwish in hospital to discuss legal action against those who allegedly inflicted torture on him. 

The absence of an official report have left room for wide speculation on the incident. 

According to a friend of the victim, whose account of the incident was publish by Mansoura News, a webpage on the social network Facebook, the brothers of a prominent Jordanian businessman kidnapped and tortured Darwish after attending the restaurant where Darwish worked and getting into a quarrel with him over the restaurant's rules. 

Two days after this report was published, others aired the theory that the Jordanian secret service had kidnapped Darwish at gunpoint, and he had later been found unconscious in a deserted area.

In October, the brother of a Jordanian legislator assaulted an Egyptian worker at a restaurant, dealing him a blow to the face. A video of the incident was published online and caused uproar from Egyptian internet users.

The victim filed a case with the Jordanian court, but after mediation from the Egyptian embassy, reconciliation was reached between the two parties.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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