Former housing minister jailed pending investigation

Assistant Justice Minister for the Illicit Gains Authority Assem al-Gohary has ordered the detention of former Housing Minister Ibrahim Suleiman for 25 days pending investigation.

Investigations have revealed that Suleiman and his three sons own four mansions in the Tagammu Khames district of Cairo, another four in the Marina resort on the north coast, a fifth one in the Barrage district and one in Heliopolis, all of which he bought while he was in office.

It was also revealed that he and one of his sons own several luxurious cars and shares in companies on the stock exchange.

In addition to allegations relating to his personal wealth, he is charged with allocating land to certain businessmen by direct order and in violation of the law.

The former minister failed to provide any documents proving his properties were bought by legal means.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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