Gendi: 1,000 nationals living abroad registered for 4th edition of Egyptian expats conference

A total of 1,000 nationals living abroad have registered to attend the fourth edition of the Egyptian expatriates’ conference, which will kick off on July 31, said Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs Soha Gendi.

In a statement issued by the Emigration Ministry on Saturday, she pointed out that the participants are living in more than 56 countries around the world, including representatives of 66 communities of Egyptian expats.

The fourth edition of the conference is set to have the largest numbers of participants compared with the previous editions, the minister said, noting that such big numbers reflect the Emigration Ministry’s efforts on communicating with the expats who desire to contact their country.

The minister said field tours would be organized on the sidelines of the conference to a host of industrial cities and key investment zones, in order to give the expatriates first-hand information on potential investment opportunities.

This year’s conference eyes wider participation of Egyptian expats from across the globe, in light of achievements attained by the third edition of the conference which saw the fulfillment of 20-year-old dreams of the expats like the issuance of a law allowing them to bring home tax-free vehicles, Gendi said.

The fourth edition is also set to shed light on the challenges facing the Egyptian communities abroad as well their basic needs, minister Gendi added.

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