Gov’t report: police snipers shot Tahrir Square protesters

According to a government fact-finding committee tasked with investigating oppression during recent protests, the committee has heard testimony that police snipers shot protesters from tops of buildings in Tahrir Square.

The committee’s statement, announced on state TV Thursday, noted that personnel affiliated with the former regime injured, killed and intimidated protesters. Some of the police snipers stood on top of the Mugamma, Ramses Hilton hotel, American University of Cairo and Interior Ministry buildings and shot protesters.

The committee clarified that when asked about authorization, two former senior policemen said snipers would not fire on protesters without permission from the government.

Around 120 eyewitnesses of the clashes in Cairo and Giza on 28 January said police shot protesters with live ammunition, killing some and injuring others.

Some eyewitnesses added that Mubarak thugs, not protesters, had set the National Democratic Party  headquarters on fire.

The statement also reported the committee had viewed a video of two armored police vehicles–one mowing over protesters while the other reversed to hit others–during the investigation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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