Hani Anan: I don’t support succession

Hani Anan, a founding member of the Kifaya opposition movement, has recanted on his earlier statements saying he would support the transition of power from President Hosni Mubarak to his son Gamal.

Anan said in an interview with OTV earlier this month that he would support the younger Mubarak’s presidential bid under the condition that he abolished article 77 of the constitution, which allows the president to serve an unlimited number of terms.

Anan justified his position by expressing fears that the Muslim Brotherhood would rule Egypt.  He said, "I categorically refuse such a concept, as it is completely against democracy. But as our society today cannot have a say in choosing its ruler, we need certain constitutional amendments to change that situation."

A spokesperson for Kifaya, a coalition of groups that oppose President Mubarak’s continued rule, has said the group will not support any candidate in the upcoming election.

Kifaya General Coordinator Abdel Halim Kandil praised Anan for retracting his previous statements about the subject. "But we need more than just constitutional amendments," he said. "We call for civil disobedience." 


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