‘Historic Cairo’ a space that host lovers of ancient Egypt on Facebook

In 2010, the Salah Adel, at the age of 16, decided to launch a Facebook page, after he was emotionally attached to Egyptian antiquities during his visit to Prince Taz Palace, the first Mamluk monument. He told Al-Masry Al-Youm: “The palace made me interested in the archaeological field, and from that day on I worked on my own and launched the page.”

Salah graduated from the Faculty of Social Work and majored in Psychology, then continued studying arts in all its forms at the palace he fell in love with, until he became an assistant professor. He says, “I was collecting information before launching the page. I started it alone with weak images and simple information. Then I brought in a group of photographers, who are currently 66, along with 7 people divided into specializations: Islamic antiquities, technology, libraries, journalism, and translation.”

Salah, who works in the field of documentation at the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation (EHRF), was able, through the page, to create an electronic archive that includes all Islamic, Coptic, Jewish and Egyptian landmarks, and tourism programs, and also includes tourist information for all visitors.

He says: “Then another idea came from a colleague, which is to create an alphabetical index, and it has already been implemented and has reached Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries.”

Salah continued: “The page gradually reached most of the antiquities and arts professors, then it reached UNESCO thanks to a colleague, and I worked, as a volunteer, in a documentation project, and I am happy that I learned good things in it.”

Salah faced many problems, because he published many pictures that contained neglect of some archaeological areas that he was trying to shed light on. He says: “My goal was awareness and reform, the antiquities for me is more important than everything.”

And he added: “Any appeals were answered as soon as I mentioned or published a post, everyone moved, including the rescue of some ancient houses that were to be demolished, including important palaces that were also to be demolished, and places that were neglected.”

He continued, “Responsibility increases my resolve and determination to continue the journey. The page has become a reliable source for all scientific faculties, and my personal wish is to transform all archaeological sites into a heritage complex open for visits instead of closing it.”


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