How to get to Cairo International Book Fair by bus?

The Cairo International Book Fair 2023 has kicked off on January 25 and will continue until February 6.

This makes those wishing to visit the book fair look for available local transportation.

Al-Masry Al-Youm listed transportation lines, which were provided to serve the visitors of the book fair.

Abdel Moneim Riyad Square buses:

Buses to the International Book Fair depart from Abdel Moneim Riyad Square, passing by Ramses, Abbassiya and Al-Azhar University areas, then the Moshir Tantawy Axis and at the end of the line the book fair.

Dawaran Shubra buses:

Buses depart from Dawaran Shubra and pass through Shubra Street, then Ahmed Helmy Street, Ramses Street, Abbasiya, El Sekka El Hadid Club, Al-Azhar University, and finally the book fair.

New Nozha buses:

Buses depart from New Nozha and pass through Hegaz Square, then al-Sabaa Omarat Buildings, Makram Ebeid Street, Mustafa al-Nahhas Street, al-Manhal School, al-Wafaa wal Amal area, and then the book fair at the end of the line.

Al-Amiriya buses:

Buses depart from al-Amiriya district, then pass through Matareya Square, Helmeya Square, Ain Shams Girls College, Hisham Barakat Square, the Seventh District, the Embassies Quarter, and at the end of the line the book fair.

Giza Square buses:

Buses depart from Giza Square at Cairo University, to pass through Qasr al-Ainy and al-Sayeda Aisha areas, the Autostrad, then Al-Azhar University, and at the end of the line it reaches the book fair.

Saqr Quraish buses:

Buses depart from Saqr Quraish to pass through Carrefour in Maadi and Wadi Degla Club, after which it passes through the Ring Road and the Moshir Tantawy Axis and then reach the book fair at the end of the line.

Al-Madallat buses:

Buses depart from the Madallat area, passing by Saraya al-Qobba, Roxy, al-Sabaa Omarat, then the Eighth District, al-Wafaa wal Amal area,the Moshir Tantawy Axis and then reach the book fair at the end of the line.

The price of a ticket for the Book Fair 2023 is LE5 per person. Tickets can be booked through the official website of the Book Fair.

It is also available for purchase upon arrival at the headquarters of the Egypt International Exhibition Center in which the exhibition is held.

The book fair receives visitors daily from 10 am to 9 pm all days of the exhibition.

Over 131,200 people visited Cairo International Book Fair on its first day, Culture Minister, Nevin al-Kilany, said.

Kilany added, in a statement, that this large public turnout on the first day of the exhibition – which showed as thousands lining up at the exhibition doors since its first hours – reflects the awareness of the Egyptian public of the importance of books and shows their passion for reading.

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