Islamist parties to go to State Council over Parliament dissolution

Islamist parties have decided to file a case against the ruling military council and the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court following its decision to dissolve Parliament.

The parties argue that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the court do not have the authority to dissolve Parliament. The State Council would hear the case.

The Freedom and Justice Party’s parliamentary bloc threatened to make the case international. The FJP executive bureau met two days ago to discuss ways to solve the problem, and met with members of other parties in Parliament to express a unified stance toward the issue.

Farid Ismail, a member of the executive bureau, said the party has different ideas for resolving the sisue.

He said the party has submitted a request to the State Council to explain the Supreme Constitutional Court’s ruling, saying it is not clear whether the entire Parliament or only a part of it should be dissolved.

Ezz Eddin Thabet, the secretary general of the Wasat Party in Assiut and a former MP, also threatened to make the case international by calling on European, Arab and other parliaments to discuss it and take appropriate action, saying Parliament was elected by the people in a free, transparent election.

He said the party is seriously examining this course of action.

The Salafi-oriented Nour Party said the court does not have the authority to dissolve Parliament, the election of which he described as one of the greatest political achievements for post-revolution Egypt.

Nour Party warned the military council in a statement Tuesday about insisting on Parliament’s dissolution, saying this would have negative repercussions on the country.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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