Jihadist leader and son killed in Sinai

A jihadist leader and his son were killed in a crackdown on Sheikh Zuwayed, North Sinai, on Tuesday, according to a security source.
Mohamed Abu Moneir and his son were killed after security forces beseiged them in al-Joura Village, Sheikh Zuwayed, the source said.
The security source added that military operations in Sinai will continue especially in al-Moqataa, al-Joura and Seidana villages, in south Sheikh Zuwayed.
North Sinai has been a hotspot for attacks against the military, characterized by frequent drive-by shootings against military outposts by armed assailants who quickly flee the scene via motorcycle.
Army spokesman Col. Ahmed Ali has vowed the armed forces will continue counter-terrorism operations in Sinai until attacks subside, though many residents of North Sinai say the army has resorted to a controversial "scortched earth" policy. Residents reported the military has indiscriminately burned whole neighborhoods, destroying houses, livestock, cars and all other possessions. The army, however, denies this, saying these are targeted attacks that have only destroyed terrorist hotbeds.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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