Jordanian spy case adjourned to 5 November

The Supreme Emergency State Security Court, headed by Judge Makram Awad adjourned the trial of Jordanian citizen Bashar Abu Zaid Ibrahim and Israeli Ophir Harare on charges of spying for Israel until 5 November.

Defense Lawyer Ahmed al-Ganzouri said the Supreme State Security Court was unconstitutional and asked to have the case tried by another court. He justified his request by saying the court had repeatedly expressed its intention to hinder the defense and requests made in previous hearings. He also appealed the constitutionality of Article 19 of the emergency law, saying that because the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ended the state of emergency.

Supreme State Security investigations revealed that the two defendants had agreed to intercept international calls coming into Egypt and transfer them to Israel, thereby allowing Israeli security services to eavesdrop on calls related to Egypt's national security.

Investigators also claim that Herare charged Abu Zeid with searching for Egyptian intelligence agents working in the field of telecommunications.

Abu Zeid was also charged with collecting data on certain employees, especially those working with Egyptian mobile operators and who travel abroad for work, with the aim of recruiting suitable candidates to work for the Mossad.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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