Lawyer sends legal notice to Musicians Syndicate in response to Mohamed Ramadan’s concert

An Egyptian lawyer sent a legal notice to the head of Egypt’s Musicians Syndicate Hany Shaker in response to the concert of popular actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan during which he performed in minimal clothing.

Lawyer Ayman Mahfouz said that Ramadan has angered “all Egyptians” after he took to the stage with a luxury car, singing while inappropriately clothed and dancing with erotic movements.

“We have waited for the reaction of the Musicians Syndicate as it was a concert for singing, but it did not raise a finger, which led us to submit a legal notice in accordance with the law,” Mahfouz said.

The lawyer added that Ramadan’s actions–dancing with pornographic moves while wearing little clothing–represent criminal and disciplinary crimes. He added that Ramadan has not been held accountable for his actions and that it is not clear whether he had obtained a permit from the union to sing or perform in the concert.

Mahfouz added that Ramadan’s acts are punishable by disciplinary or criminal courts in accordance with the Egyptian Penal Code, which stipulates that anyone who has publicly committed a blatant act of indecency shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year with a fine not exceeding LE300.

Mahfouz demanded the Musicians Syndicate to disclose the reasons for not taking legal action against Ramadan and to reveal whether or not it has licensed him to sing and perform at concerts.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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