Leading trade unionist detainees on charges of insulting El-Sisi

Al-Nozha prosecutors on Tuesday ordered the detention of Mahmoud Rihan, member of the Egyptian Federation of Transport Workers that is still under construction, for four days pending investigation.
Rihan, leading trade unionist at Cairo International Airport, is charged with insulting President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and disclosing national security secrets on Facebook.
His lawyer, Sameh Samir, said Rihan is the first trade union member who is charged like this since 3 July2013, adding that the charges restrict freedom of expression on Facebook.
“The government is leveling charges against what is posted on social networking sites,” he said.
Rihan is known for his criticism of the government as regards freedoms and the rights of workers.
Samir added that Rihan and Osama Ali, a Cairo Airport worker, were summoned for investigation on 15 May 2012 for objecting to Ahmed Shafiq’s candidacy in the presidential elections.

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