Libyans fleeing violence flock to Egypt borders

Hundreds of Libyans have crossed to Egypt through the Salloum border to flee violent clashes between pro-democracy protesters and security forces.

A number of those arriving at the border showed photos and video clips exposing the Libyan authorities' brutality against protesters.

Suleiman Saghir, a Libyan who made it to Egypt's Marsa Matrouh through Salloum, described the current events back home as "atrocious and unimaginable." He said hunderds of Libyans have sought refuge in Egypt since the violence erupted.

Saghir added that some eyewitnesses of the developments in Libya fled to Egypt so their voices can reach Arab and world media outlets. Some photographs and video clips brought across the border show Libyan authorities committing crimes against unarmed women and the elderly, he said.

Libya has seen continuous protests since 17 February calling for the ouster of Muammar Qadhafi's regime.

It is believed that more than 233 Libyans have been killed in clashes with the army, police and Qadhafi's private militias. Reports state that Libyan authorities use excessive force and live ammunition to break up the protests.

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