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Luxury for a Cause: Pashion magazine and Fairmont Nile City mix glamor and charity

Once again celebrating homegrown talent style in support of Egyptian charities, the lavish Fairmont Nile City hotel and Pashion magazine team up for a night of everything extravagant.

On 31 October, more commonly known as Halloween, Cairo's leading luxury retailers will set up stall in aid of I the Egyptian, a non-profit organization founded in 2008 to provide sanctuaries for street children through building service centers in underprivileged communities.

Sparked by Fairmont Nile City’s ambition to bring Fashion Week to Cairo while promoting local talent, as well as Pashion magazine’s search for a venue to exhibit a fashion/charity event, Luxury for a Cause took shape, representing Cairo’s only fashion day and night out.

“Bigger and better, Luxury for a Cause returns following immense success on its May debut,” says Farah al-Alfy, public relations manager at the Fairmont Nile City.

Al-Alfy says Luxury for a Cause epitomizes the Fairmont Nile City ethos of “glamour and luxury, supporting local culture, caring about society and charity. And Pashion magazine jumps in once more for an exclusive venture into glamorous Corporate Social Responsibility."

At Luxury for a Cause, the worlds of fashion, jewelry, interiors, cuisine, music and art intertwine to dazzle Cairenes with a cornucopia of striking local talent, and creative diversity in style, palette, and texture.

The featured local retailers and designers include Amina K., Azza Fahmy, Nuniz Handbags, Pink Powder Room, Loolies and many others–each committed to dedicating ten percent of their sales to I the Egyptian.

The young charity organization adopts an integrated approach to lend a much-needed hand to Egyptian street children, while unearthing the factors driving them from their homes and onto the streets. Luxury for a Cause aims to “raise awareness, and of course raise money for the issue,” says al-Alfy.

While charity acts as a backdrop, the event is expected to be nothing short of an extravaganza. The Fairmont Nile City staff, from engineering to catering to security, are frantically setting up the alluring scene, and Pashion magazine’s creative director Maha al-Nabawi is handling all the participating retailers, scouting for and contacting local talent.

But according to al-Alfy, it is the glamorous crowd that makes Luxury for a Cause “more fashionable, high-end and lively than your average retail event.”

Doors to the all day Luxury for a Cause event open at 1PM, for the shopping to begin before the party vibe sets in. “This time we are going for a New York City theme where you have everything from 5th Avenue high-end brands, such as hip and SoHo, as well as an area for more grungy Brooklyn-style artwork and music.”

The event ends at 11PM. Take a stroll through stands where local designers will be showcasing their latest designs. Live music starts at 8PM and lasts until 11PM.

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