Man killed in explosion in Sinai, locals accuse Israeli aircraft

A man was killed by an explosion of unknown cause while riding a motorcycle in the Khariza area in central Sinai on Sunday.

Residents of the area claimed that the blast was caused by a missile fired by an Israeli aircraft. Security sources in northern Sinai ruled out this possibility, saying that it was caused by either an explosive the man was carrying or the remnants of a war landmine.

The man has been identified as a member of one of the tribes of central Sinai.

The security situation, along with other state services, has worsened in the Sinai Peninsula since January of last year.

Over the past few weeks, a massive military campaign codenamed “Operation Eagle” has been waged in the area to crack down on militants rumored to be operating in the area.

The campaign was launched earlier this month after a 5 August attack on a check point near the border in Rafah, North Sinai, in which 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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